How It Works

Tools are only useful if you can actually put them to work. Here are three ways that we have found to be a great use for Social Shard.

+ Scenario 1 – Sharing community generated content

Social media account where the account receives user generated content from it's community? Then this is the perfect strategy for you.

Set up an account on Social Shard, take your unique submission URL and share it with your community. Your fans now use your unique link to upload their content directly to you.

Once you start receiving loads of content Social Shard really starts to shine. Use the Scheduler to plan your social media strategy and even rope in additional people to help you manage the posting. All from one central location.

Did we mention you can set the minimum and maximum file sizes? Quality content every time.

Imagine what you can do with the perfectly targeted community you have at your fingertips.

+ Scenario 2 – Sharing your own content

Social media wouldn't be where it is today without the photographers, editors, designers, and video makes constantly keeping the content fresh and frequent.

You know what a pain it can be keeping track of what content you want to post when, and where is that final exported file anyways? Couple that with non-existant device synching - disaster.

We can take care of all of that.

Sign up for your unique shard, log in, and set the file upload limits to quality limits that you would like to keep yourself to. After you are done creating and editing a new batch of photos upload them all to your shard with your unique link.

Log in and schedule posting in a way that maximises reach. Collab with other artists and send them your shard link, they upload their content directly to you, no fuss.

Posting becomes a breeze; check the calendar, download the original high quality photo to your mobile device and post away.

Bam, you are back to engaging with your fans.

+ Scenario 3 – Enterprise account sharing private content

We know how it gets when you are managing a big commercial social media account. Different content for different promotions, from different designers and photographers and art departments. Sooner or later you always end up with a spreadsheet that almost nobody other than yourself can decipher.

Good news, we've got the fix. Using your unique Social Shard url, you can upload all of the content from the different internal content sources as soon as you get it, or send the link to them directly and have them securely do the uploading.

All you need to do now is schedule the posts in a way that optimizes your content delivery strategy. You can even create sub-accounts for the rest of the social media team so they can see the schedule and help you craft the perfect plan of attack.

Running a social media account is always easiest when everyone is on the same page.

These are just some of the ways you can use our platform to make your social media content strategy work for you. Regardless of how you use it, your content always stays private, secure, and available when you need it.