About us

Founded in Cape Town, South Africa in Q3 of 2017, we are comitted to providing you with an industry leading set of tools to manage your creative user content in the best possible way.

You might get the impression that user content and privacy is very important to us, if so that would be spot on.



+ Why do you care so much about giving credit/user rights?

Lots of places don’t and that sucks. We come from photography and design backgrounds so we know your struggle.

+ Do you post so social media automatically for me?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Down the line we would like to implement this feature (for the social media platforms that allow it), but for now it isn't our main focus. We want to simplify the process leading up to the posting, once we have given you enough tools to do so we can look into other areas of the process.

+ Do you watermark the uploaded images?

Hell no.

+ Can I have more than one community?

Sure can, unfortunately you will have to create different accounts and subscriptions for each of them though.

+ Can I use my own domain instead of a custom subdomain?

Not at this time. You can however redirect your own domain to your unique Social Shard link.

+ Can I get an account with bigger maximum upload file size?

Yeap, get in touch to find out more.


+ Can I rename/change my subdomain?


+ Can I rename my Community Name (Shard)?

Yessir. There is an option for that in your General Settings (if you are the Shard owner or an Admin).

+ Why can't I log in to help manage a Shard anymore?

The owner of the shard must have removed you from their "staff". This action deletes your account and access to the shard. Get in touch with the owner, or with us if you think this is an error.

+ How much storage do I get per plan?

Small (Starter Plan): 10GB
Medium (Momentum Plan): 25GB
Large (Giant Plan): 50GB

These are soft limits to the maximum storage space each plan has for media files. Once these limits are reached we will contact the owner to discuss enabling pruning of the oldest media, or upgrading to a bigger plan.

+ How do I know when I use too much storage for my plan level?

We monitor account usage trends based on the plan paid for, and should you exceed the limits we have will contact you with options long before forcing you to choose.

On average:
1-3 Submissions a day: Starter.
4-6: Momentum.
7+ Giant.

+ Do you have bigger accounts available?

Yes, they are tailored to your exact needs, should you need one please get in touch.

+ Do you reserve subdomains or hand them over to brand owners?

We don’t reserve subdomains, but if a trademark holder can verify a subdomain that they would like to use we will make a judgement call based on the current owners usage and community size vs the trademark holder. Let’s just say subdomain squatting won’t work.

In cases where there are multiple trademark holders claiming the same subdomain we reserve the right to choose which trademark holder we will give the subdomain to. This will usually be the trademark holder with the biggest footprint.

Contact us if you are a trademark holder looking to claim for your subdomain.

Payment and Subscription

+ Do you provide free subscriptions to Students/NPO/Churches?

Students and Churches, no, but we can be extra lenient with their limits on the Starter plan if they let us know. NPO’s and Science initiatives can contact us to discuss a permanently free subscription.

+ What happens when my subscription runs out?

After 2 weeks of non-payment we freeze submissions (I.E. people can't submit content via your unique link anymore) and all scheduling features goes away. After 3 months of non-payment we delete the account and all associated data.

+ How long can I keep receiving submissions without an active subscription?

Two weeks from the date your subscription ends.

+ How long does user content stay after my subscription ends?

You will be able to log in and access the content for 3 months, after that it all gets deleted.

+ How long do you keep my subdomain if I stop paying?

Should your subscription run out you will have 3 months to reactivate it before it gets recycled.

+ What happens if I create a new subscription before the account gets recycled?

Your Shard starts accepting submissions again and the annoying error messages we show goes away. Business as usual.


+ What do you do with all my fans/community members personal information?

Except store it securely, nothing. We aren’t here to sell user information, if we believed in that business model we would be a free site instead of subscription based.

+ What do you do with all the media you get?

Store it all on a bunch of big hard drives, seriously that’s it. Although we require the right to use and distribute the media (you know, that’s kind of the main thing we do here), we don’t take that right to the bank. We don’t sell user media or the rights to them.

We may in the future create some custom content with user media (think collage with top images, "best of" website page, or a print book/poster), but we will contact all authors first for permission and always give full credit.

+ What happens if I violate copyright?

Being a user generated content collection platform, there will occasionally be content submitted that your users/fanbase don’t have the right to distribute legally. It is your (and your fellow community managers – if any) job to ensure you only share content that may be shared.

If an community gets reported repeatedly for infringing on copyright we will notify the staff and owner immediately. Failure to prevent multiple future reports leave us with no choice but to suspend the account.

This is an action we do not take lightly, but privacy and copyright is very important to us.

+ Accounts with hate speech/racism?

If an account gets reported repeatedly or we notice content deemed as hate speech or racist we will contact the account owner immediately. Failure to comply can lead to account suspension. We are reasonable, but we don’t tolerate extremes.

+ How about nudity and memes?

As long as you make sure the content copyright(s) do not get violated, go for it.


+ Can I provide my own stylesheets?

We aim to have this implemented further down the road.

+ I’ve got a great idea

Get in touch, we love all ideas.